Learning to keep robots in line

Clarkston News Staff Writer
Young minds were kept busy during RUSH Junior Robotics and RUSH Robotics camps in June.
The junior camp was for students entering grades first through third and is based off the FIRST LEGO League Jr. program, offered in the fall.
Participants learned about robots and how to program robots. Each day they had challenges based on the theme – this year it is Wild Life Frenzy.

Aidan Harpster, right, lines his robot up on the field with help from Team RUSH student, Gavin Conradt. Photo by Wendi Reardon Price

During camp they built a frog and learned how to program it. They also built a habitat for the frog.
“Then, there are certain words and phrases that corresponded with what they would do like to say hello they had to make a sound. They could explore the different programming options,” said Grace Havel, a Team RUSH Robotics student.
She added FLL Jr. is problem solved based.
“They are given a problem and they have to create a solution for it,” Havel said. “It is more open ended like they are building a habitat and they get to use their imagination. They get to create what would sustain a frog in their habitat.”
RUSH Robotics Camp, for students entering grades third through sixth, gave a peek to the FLL fall program. Campers also learned about robots and built a robot. They programmed it to do different challenges.
During the last day of camp, they put their robot onto the field, attempted as many challenges as they could within the time limit and earn as many points as they could.
Both camps were held for four days, had two sessions and were led by Clarkston High School Team RUSH Robotics students. Both camps were held through Clarkston Community Educations and Independence Township Parks, Recreation and Seniors.
For more information about the fall FLL and FLL Jr. programs, please contact Kyle Hughes, khhughes@clarkston.k12.mi.us.

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