Letter to the Editor: Against four days

I am extremely disappointed in Supervisor Jose Aliaga’s support of the proposal for a four-day work week for Township employees.
For a man who ran as the champion of the people, he threw us under the bus at the first opportunity.
A three-day weekend every week with the corresponding reduction of township services by 20 percent is neither appropriate nor warranted. It is an affront to the people of this township to continue to pay the same price for only 80 percent of service availability.
It does not matter that the employees can do their work in four days as some of the board members proclaim. That’s not the point.
The letter to the editor by Michael and Lori Powell (Clarkston News, April 26, 2023) says it best:
“Whether township employees want to work five days or four isn’t relevant to the taxpayers of the township who have come to expect the government services they are funding to be open five days a week, not four. Reducing the days of service to a four-day week gives taxpayers fewer options not more. Why is the township even considering a four-day week proposal when it clearly doesn’t benefit the taxpayers?”
And when it comes time to vote on this ill-conceived proposition, it is required for all board members on the township payroll to recuse themselves as direct beneficiaries of this proposition.
Better still, let’s hear what the people have to say.
Township residents need to make their feelings known, otherwise this will be crammed down your throats.
Vincent Bozzone
Independence Township

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