Letter to the Editor: Concerned with local deer, branches, washouts

Dear Editor,

Another dead deer on North Eston Road! The third in two years.
We have a rather robust deer population and have previously asked the road commission to post deer crossing signs.
According to them, there has to be more car/deer accidents before they can consider posting a sign. I’m pretty sure these last three went unreported, so I would have hoped that the concerned residents of the area would be taken more seriously.
Why would we request a sign if it wasn’t legitimate?
While we are on the topic of North Eston Road, take a drive north on the dirt portion and you will see that if you look up, there are many dead tree limbs hanging over the road, just one dangerous wind or drop onto a car, person, child biking, etc.
Next, look down at the dangerous washout in front of 9589 North Eston on the west side of the road. The road commission used to try to grade and fill in after each rain washout, but have totally ignored it now for some time. A person unfamiliar with the condition of that spot could easily get caught unaware.
This road has been declared a county feeder road and there is no posted speed limit. It’s especially dangerous at work commute times.
We have tried working through the road commission and we get politely worded responses that have been a total waste of time.

Patti Gillespie

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