Letter to the Editor: Dam joy?

I am so happy with the report that Mayor Haven and dam owner Bob Roth, among others, are pleased that some partial funding has been secured to study the viability of relieving dam owners of their responsibilities for their dam asset and foisting dam ownership and liabilities upon taxpayers and homeowners.
No doubt another pot of gold will appear once the cost of dam rehabilitation, maintenance and insurance for taxpayers emerge and recur. So far, no indications that taxpayers will receive any benefit from the valuable real estate that came with the last dam purchase. It will be enough for them to be stuck with the bill and new liability for the dam, and perhaps more satisfying pond levels.
Of course, there is some recompense in hearing of renewed interest in at least mulling over purported longstanding mystery about wide fluctuations in pond levels.
Perhaps the dam owners will host a community party or celebration once they have been fully relieved of their dam asset.
Hopefully, taxpayers won’t be expected to fund that, too.
Mike Fetzer

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