Letter to the Editor: Equality should be goal for protests

Dear Editor,

Yes. Black lives matter, but I believe the goal of protest has to be equality, not revenge.
My skin is white and I cannot erase my heritage to atone for the sins of my ancestors.
We need to debate which monuments have historic value and which should be removed. What do we gain? Should we rewrite history books or change the name of our capital, Washington, D.C., to Genesis or Eden?
Let’s not blow up the mountain in North Dakota with images of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln, or Stone Mountain in Georgia with Lee and Stonewall Jackson.
It is time for debate, not extreme reaction, that can lead to more prejudice.
I want to live in harmony, not fear.
Black lives matter, but also so do opinions, respect and good will.
I would love to see monuments for Obama and other black heroes.

Dale Bond

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