Letter to the Editor: Garden Walk thanks

Dear Clarkston Community,
The Clarkston Farm and Garden Club would like to thank the community members who came and enjoyed the Clarkston Garden Walk on July 19.
Our special thanks to the generous gardeners who opened their gardens for people to enjoy. Thank you to Garry and Elizabeth Rogers, Cathy and Mike Mooney, Baiba and Gunar Ejups, Susan Davis, Stacie and Ray Nordberg, and Jim Slezinski for sharing their spectacular gardens.
It was a beautiful day, thanks to Mother Nature. Garden guests and the community were able to browse through the artisan market and the local restaurants added specials for the garden walkers. The Clarkston Independence District Library provided a beautiful space for people to start the garden walk and Spencer Realty gave out water for the guests.
The Clarkston Farm and Garden Club has served the community for 75 years this year. The funds from the Garden Walk provide for Main Street planters, maintenance and planting at the library, scholarships, mini grants for the Clarkston teachers, assemblies on the environment for students, scholarships.
The Clarkston Farm and Garden Club is also a big supporter of the Clarkston Family Farm.
Thank you to our wonderful community for the support!
Joette Kunse, Chairperson
(on behalf of the Clarkston Farm and Garden Club members)

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