Letter to the Editor: Looking to boost the community

Dear Editor,

Everything you have ever needed is right here in your community.
We seek answers from people all around the world, but rarely do we turn to our neighbors who may be some of the best people to help us or are most in need of our help.
By reaching out to our community and getting to know those who live around us, we will discover a wealth of wisdom, talent and community resources. By working together, we can cultivate our bonds as a community and grow as individuals.
More than classes, meetings where we actively engage in activities, tradecraft or community service to learn, share or help one another. Where community leaders can demonstrate by example what we have to offer one another as a community.
So that not only in times of need would you turn to your neighbor, but in times of plenty that we can create, working together.
The first meeting of Clarkston Community Cultivators (or CCC&FCCoC, we might have to work on the name!) will be at the First Congregational Church of Clarkston during spring break on Saturday, April 2 at 1 p.m. and focused on demonstrating the ease of growing your own food, to plant some seeds both literally and figuratively!
Come summer break, we’ll be taking our seedlings to the community garden to plant them and later to enjoy the fruits of our labor!
This is hopefully the first of many such meetings demonstrating what we can do as a community. We have leaders ready to share knowledge from how to fix your car and appliances to home economy in cooking, cleaning and personal finance, to foraging and gardening in Michigan and more!
This will be, ideally, something that is not based around money but rather what you can do without it. If I can help it there will never be costs involved for participants. Someone being barred from participation in their community for lack of money sounds wrong, because it is wrong.
Part of learning is knowing that you know nothing! I’m just a guy who saw what was going on in the world and one day figured I can do something about it. I’m happy to take advice, guidance, direction or network with leaders and excited participants at steve.other@protonmail.com.

Steve Sioma

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