Letter to the Editor: McGinnis, Need support

As a taxpayer and a parent, I’m very happy with the board of education at Clarkston Community Schools.
I may not agree with every decision they make, but they are an experienced governing body attuned to the ins and outs of running a school district (as well as the tough compromises that come with that territory). They’ve faced many complicated situations in recent years and they’ve followed a responsible, cautious path again and again.
I hope the good people of Clarkston will support our wonderful schools by re-electing Cheryl McGinnis and Greg Need.
Often, candidates for school board build their entire campaigns around grievances. They’ll tell you what they’re angry about and what offends them and what they don’t like. That might win some votes, but the actual work of running a school district requires more than having an axe to grind. It requires a holistic vision, and both McGinnis and Need have proven they have that.
Recently, in the pages of this very newspaper, McGinnis and Need clarified their values and goals for the district. I appreciate their candor, and I find it troubling that their opponents in this race declined to participate in this paper’s questionnaire.
I’ve never met Cheryl McGinnis or Greg Need. I’m simply a private citizen who appreciates good work when I see it. Our excellent school district is the main reason why I chose to raise a family here in Clarkston.
Let’s vote for McGinnis and Need to keep up the good work.
Michael Stohrer

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