Letter to the Editor: Mill Pond miracle

Has anyone else noticed the recent Clarkston ponds miracle?
Ever since the late February Lake Improvement Board for Clarkston Mill Ponds met for public comment, and a plan to expend public funds toward acquiring the pond dam was approved, a miracle has occurred.
I was skeptical about Mayor Haven’s assurance that the chance for taxpayers to expend funds to explore acquiring the costs and liability for the mill ponds was a wonderful opportunity for taxpayers, but I was wrong.
Since the meeting, and now that the dam owners see their plan to foist their dam ownership and liabilities onto taxpayers is progressing, we have seen something heretofore unwitnessed in at least the last 12 years of dramatically fluctuating pond water levels.
Now, suddenly, the always manipulated pond water levels have remained at consistent, esthetically pleasing levels—regardless of rain, snow or sun.
It is a miracle.
Still, my skepticism about the critics of cancel culture remains.
Political groups and private entities that persist in extremist policies and self-serving practices insist that it is wrong to avoid their candidates, products or services in protest, but I disagree.
As I’ve known since childhood, and wealthy elites have always known, money talks. Why spend or donate your money or resources to any entity that advocates against your interests?
In any event, I’m happy that we have been able to enjoy, for at least a few weeks, the scenic beauty and tranquility of the ponds.
Mike Fetzer

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