Letter to the Editor: New perspectives

The efforts of Jose Aliaga and Sam Moraco to exclude qualified persons from serving on the township zoning board of appeals reflect a myopic and overtly politicized form of leadership which potentially harms township residents – and a squandering of township resources to exclude candidates who can offer valuable expertise in township development.
Of course, it is important for the zoning board to have a strong majority membership of resident members who live here and can facilitate decisions which reflect the views and concerns of their neighbors.
But many township residents understand the pitfalls of a too-cozy local government where a few insiders seem to have inordinate influence, even control, over local development and who will most benefit from it.
Does anyone believe that some of the township’s more recent residential and commercial development really benefits the overall population? Residency is an important but not controlling qualification for good public servants. The inclusion of one or even two zoning board members from outside the township who have knowledge or experience in matters likely to confront our township in future will be invaluable in decision making.
In their minority membership, they can offer valuable input without any chance for usurping local resident board member voting strength.
Mike Fetzer

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