Letter to the Editor: No four-day work week

As longtime residents of Independence Township, we find it concerning that our tax dollars were wasted on a survey and a presentation on the possibility of the township going to a four-day work week.
A survey that completely ignored taxpayers tells us what the pecking order is at town hall…employees first, taxpayers last.
After reading “Township considering four-day work week” from the April 14, 2023 Clarkston News, we have questions.
Whose idea was this?
How do taxpayers benefit from removing a day of township services each week?
Why were just township employees surveyed and taxpayers ignored?
Our family has never had a problem working within the present five-day week hours of operation.
However, taking a day of operation away gives us fewer opportunities to take care of business. Again, how does this proposal benefit resident taxpayers?
Whether township employees want to work five days or four isn’t relevant to the taxpayers of this township who have come to expect the government services that they are funding to be open five days a week, not four. Reducing the days of service to four a week gives taxpayers fewer options, not more.
Why is the township even considering a four-day a week proposal when it clearly doesn’t benefit the taxpayers that the township was created to provide services to?
Michael and Lori Powell
Independence Township

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