Letter to the Editor: No public comment?

The residents have spoken on so many occasions that they would prefer to have all township boards and committees filled with residents of the community.
Supervisor Jose Aliaga promised in his campaign that he would fix the loophole that allows non-residents to sit on the zoning board of appeals if elected. He stayed true to his promise and brought forward language to change the zoning ordinance to correct this issue. His motivation was based on unanimous input from all the residents.
The township board voted unanimously to send the proposed ordinance language to the planning commission to review and set a public hearing on the non-resident issue. It was denied by the planning commission March 9. The language would have prevented non-residents in the future from being appointed to the zoning board of appeals after the current non-residents term expires, having no effect on current members but putting protections in place going into the future.
Under strong recommendations from the consultants to set the hearing, Chairman Brent Savidant, Trustee Ron Ritchie and non-resident Brian Galley voted to deny having a public hearing.
New Commissioner Eugene Mazza, who was recently recommended to the commission by Supervisor Aliaga and appointed by the board, stood up for the residents and made the motion to follow the directive of the board and seek public comment. Commissioner Tim Loughrin and Secretary Judy Tully agreed the residents should have a voice. The vote was 3-3 and failed. Commissioner Tom Pytel was absent.
Residents need to attend these meetings and contact the township if you feel we should only be governed by residents of our township.
All meetings are on Zoom live or YouTube and channel 20 after meeting to view.
Sam Moraco
Township Trustee

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