Letter to the Editor: Planning perils

We attended the Dec. 19 Township Board meeting because we were interested in the nominations for the two seats on the planning commission.
Jose Aliaga promised to change things in the township if he was elected supervisor and changing the direction of the planning commission would be a great start.
Recent developments in the township are disgusting and we are definitely headed in the wrong direction. If we were satisfied with the look of Troy or Auburn Hills, we wouldn’t have gone the extra distance to come to Clarkston.
In addition, our three exits from I-75, which should be a positive, are rapidly being turned into fast food and motel stops.
At the meeting, Supervisor Aliaga nominated two highly qualified individuals to fill the empty seats on the planning commission. The only public comment in opposition to the nominees was by one of the present planning commission members that was not being reappointed.
The board, however, chose to ignore the public support for the nominees and voted 4-3 and 5-2 rejecting both appointments and leaving the planning commission short two members when the 2024 session starts.
During the board debate, none of the board members voting “no” on the two nominees expressed any reason for their opposition other than wanting to maintain the status quo. One board member commented on not receiving any emails regarding the new appointments but apparently ignoring the fact that everyone in attendance supported the nominees and no one spoke in favor of reappointing the two departing planning commission members.
This board has a history of ignoring public comment so why would anyone waste their time sending emails?
We encourage Supervisor Aliaga to reappoint the two nominees at the Jan. 2024 meeting and we encourage township residents to attend the meeting or email the board members.
Rae and Arnie Luallen
Independence Township

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