Letter to the Editor: Protecting nonresidents

The effort to keep only residents on our boards was defeated Tuesday night (Aug. 22) at the Township Board meeting.
The majority of the board voted against adding language to the ordinance to prevent nonresidents from serving on the Zoning Board of Appeals after receiving comments and emails from residents who opposed nonresidents represent us.
I made a motion to close the loophole allowing nonresident on ZBA, Supervisor Aliaga seconded the motion.
Clerk Neubeck, Treasurer Brown, Trustee Stoian, Trustee Ritchie all voted no so that they can continue allowing nonresidents to serve on the zoning board. Trustee Nallamothu was absent.
Note that prior to this vote at last month’s meeting, Trustee Ritchie, Treasurer Brown and Trustee Nallamothu all voted no to allow a public hearing on this matter.
The same board members also voted in favor of letting developers take up to four years to start a project before the township will be able to make them start the process again so the township can have another look and make changes if needed. Another win for the developers.
With no public support from the residents, these four board members fought hard to make the case that we don’t have enough qualified people in the township to staff our boards. Supervisor Aliaga and I tried our best to make the case that we don’t have a shortage of qualified people to serve us but failed to persuade them.
Residents need to continue voicing their opinions, even if it is to deaf ears. All their emails are online if you want to contact them.
Note: In 2024, all township board members’ terms expire and are up for re-election. Also, applications are online for residents to apply for all boards and committees at indtwp.com.
Sam Moraco
Independence Township
Township Trustee

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