Letter to the Editor: Residents on boards

The residents have asked diligently to change the ordinance that allows nonresidents to serve on our boards.
Supervisor Jose Aliaga, along with the township board, including Trustee Ron Ritchie, unanimously sent an ordinance revision to the planning commission that would require future zoning board of appeals members to be residents, which was denied by the commission on a 3-3 tie with Commissioner Tom Pytel being absent. The tie was created by Chairman Brent Savindant, Brian Galley, the non-resident, and Ritchie, who flip-flopped and voted against having a public hearing to discuss the proposed change. Commissioners Judy Tully, Eugene Mazza, and Tim Loughrin voted to have a public hearing.
The supervisor then sent it back to planning commission for another vote to try to get them to set a public hearing. At last Thursday’s meeting, Ritchie made a motion to remove a proposed change from the agenda and eliminate any discussion on the issue. Then Tully and Loughrin flip-flopped and voted against allowing a public hearing. Galley and Pytel also voted to not to allow public input. Mazza was the only one to keep his vote the same and wanted a public hearing set.
I know that the residents only want fellow residents making decisions for them as it should be and is in most communities.
The township now needs to waste money to get attorneys involved to move the people’s agenda forward due to a commission who is not interested in public opinion when making decisions. I believe along with other township board members that we are to seek input and guidance by the residents before making decisions for them.
Residents should contact the supervisor’s office if in support of this concept.
Sam Moraco
Independence Township

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