Letter to the Editor: Right this time

This past Thursday, an employee appreciation picnic was planned for all employees of the township and held at Bay Court Park.
When Supervisor Aliaga proposed this event, I voiced no objections. The picnic was a potluck, no taxpayer funds were used. An hour into the event, I noticed Mr. Michael Powell, a township resident, standing outside. When I stepped outside and approached Mr. Powell to say hello, I was caught off guard by his response when he said, “Get your a@# back to work!” There were a few other choice words directed towards me before Mr. Powell left. I’ve never seen Mr. Powell this angry, and I have known him for more than a decade.
Mr. Powell believes that holding public officials accountable is his duty as a resident. I’ve had many conversations with Mr. Powell over the years and I’d say I disagree with him about eight out of 10 times. The important thing is not the eight out of ten but the two out of 10 when I believe he is right. Ignoring the two would be missing opportunities to improve.
Mr. Powell told me there were residents at Town Hall who needed services and we were not there. We had closed down for the picnic. Within a few minutes of him leaving, his concerns sunk in, and I headed back to Town Hall. Upon arrival, I found folks in the parking lot who needed help. I spent the next hour and a half doing my best to provide the services needed. I realize it was a huge mistake to close the building. We’re in the service business and anything short of what we advertise is letting folks down. My apologies. Thank you, Mr. Powell, for setting me straight.
It won’t happen again.
Paul Brown
Independence Township
Township Treasurer

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