Letter to the Editor: Taking no chances

We are very troubled by this year’s school board race.
Cheryl McGinnis and Greg Need have done a great job and deserve to be re-elected. They are being challenged by persons who failed to respond to questions from the League of Women voters.
One challenger, Amanda Love, has posed for pictures with three partisan office holders and one former partisan office holder. Not only is this unprecedented in a Clarkston School Board election, Amanda Love appears to have unlimited funds to spend on direct mailings and media ads which are full of slogans but light on policy.
What exactly does this public policy graduate propose? Who is funding her and why? What is her track record at past school board meetings which she should have attended to familiarize herself with the issues?
Voters must ask themselves who Amanda Love would represent on our school board. Our children are too precious and our school board faces too many challenges to have agendas from outside our Clarkston school district to be utilized to disrupt the running of our Clarkston public schools.
We can take no chances with our children’s future. We must re-elect McGinnis and Need as the only two candidates qualified to address the current challenges to be dealt with by the Clarkston School Board.
Bob and Christine Wyatt

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