Letter to the Editor: The Village needs a major change, and it starts with new council voices

Dear Editor,

To put it simply, the entire elected and appointed city government of the Village of Clarkston needs to be replaced.
The ongoing violation of law, charter, ordinance, and resolution must stop including the unapproved spending and misplaced priorities.
The ongoing violations have now become so blatant that the council members refuse to answer questions or discuss issues brought forward by members of the public, no matter how well detailed, and regardless of the evidence.
The city administration spends without authorization, enters into contracts that no one ever sees, and then when the cost exceeds the “not to exceed” budget, the council approves paying more for contracts they never saw and may not exist.
There is new and ongoing evidence of missing and altered meeting minutes.
There are ongoing Freedom of Information issues even after losing on this issue in the Michigan Supreme Court.
There are violations of Michigan’s Open Meetings Act, openly evidenced on the city website.
There is the ever-increasing cost for the city to defend the arbitrary decisions of the Historic District Commission and the ongoing burden of the different city departments delaying or denying home and business improvements because they don’t know or understand what they are doing.
And what about not filling the vacant city council member position in violation of the city charter?
The city leaders simply ignore it.
They don’t want the public to know about any of this so they say nothing, or mis-lead the public, or can’t remember, all with the city attorney being paid to watch but saying nothing.
There are three open positions on the city council and there will be three names on the ballot in November, one incumbent and two new candidates.
There will be nothing else on the ballot form.
There are reportedly write-in candidates, and you should find out who they are and why they are running.
My recommendation is to vote for Paul Angelini, Steven McLean, and write-in Chris Moore.
You should find out more about all the candidates and the issues, ask questions, and question their answers.
No incumbent should be re-elected this year or next. If they will not talk to the public, answer questions, and follow the city charter, they have no business being on the city council.
I don’t think any candidate supported by a present member of the city government should be elected.
Fortunately, there are alternatives.
Make sure you vote.
It is important and crucial to having a fair, honest, and representative government in the Village of Clarkston.

Cory Johnston
Lake Orion

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