Letter to the Editor: Vote Love, Giampetroni

We moved to Clarkston about 12 years ago. We fell in love with so many things this great community had to offer. One of these things was the academic reputation of the Clarkston school district.
At that time, Clarkston High School was ranked the 54th-best high school academically in the state of Michigan. Residents took pride in the excellence the district had in both athletics and academics. Since that time, we have watched the academics suffer. No longer is the district known for its objective academic results. This year’s US News ranking put Clarkston High School 119th in the state.
I have met with both Amanda Love and Christy Giampetroni. They, too, both have diverse/biracial families like mine. Both women are on a mission to return Clarkston to a district of academic excellence. They will offer new viewpoints to the board that have been missing for years.
The incumbents seem to be campaigning on the idea that a “unified board” is a great thing. Having a “unified board” is only great if their policies and views match yours. For many Clarkstonites, they don’t. Unlike the incumbents, who will continue to promote the status-quo, these two hard-working mothers actually have children that are current students in the district.
It’s time for a change. With such an amazing community of students and educators, we can do better.
Reba Johnson

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