Letter to the Editor: Vote yes to CCS

Clarkston Community Schools has a zero-tax rate increase bond proposal on the November ballot.
Community support for our public schools is incredibly important to the overall success of the district, and the many students and families it serves. Your YES vote will provide students and teachers a safe, secure learning environment with the necessary resources and infrastructure to grow and thrive — but there are benefits for everyone! Statistics show that community residents in Clarkston will benefit from the passage of the bond proposal by an increase in their home values.
In fact, a Princeton University research paper found “that passage of a bond measure causes housing prices in the district to rise by about six percent. This effect persists for at least a decade.”
From secure entrances, updated facilities and improved air quality, your YES vote will tremendously improve the learning experience of children district wide. Also at stake is the opportunity to build a new and improved Clarkston Junior High School, because the structural needs of this aging building are beyond patchwork repairs. The district has a responsible plan to build a new CJHS that is safe and conducive to modern, collaborative learning, while preserving newer portions of the building, like the auditorium, as well as the furniture it purchased for CJHS with the 2016 bond.
As a CCS parent, alumni (all 13 years!), former district employee, and supporter of public education, I believe in the district’s present Board and administrative leadership. They have lived and served in Clarkston for decades, and I trust them to guide this important investment responsibly.
Please join me in supporting our kids, our community, and our future by voting YES to CCS on November 8.
Mary Ellen (O’Rourke) Rowe

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