Letters to the Editor

Reader kudos for city leadership on parking

Dear Editor,
In my opinion, the dereliction of prior councils has directly resulted in the parking problem downtown.
I applaud the leadership of those current Clarkston City Council members who made the difficult, but correct decision to finally move forward with paid parking as at least part of the solution.
In another matter, the column regarding the origin of Labor Day (“Thankful for Labor Day,” Aug. 30 edition) leads to the natural question of why labor organizations and the hundreds of retired and active union members in this community would not be the logical ones to step forward to revive the parade for next year.
More than any other group they should want to honor the sacrifice of those pioneers of the labor movement from whom they now derive such great social and economic benefits.
Richard Meyer

Parking should’ve been part of planning, reader says

Dear Editor,
Pay to park downtown? Really? You’re going to drive potential customers away.
Yes, the city will end up with more money, but the businesses will be the real losers. Many of my neighbors have said they will take their business elsewhere.
A parking plan should be been part of the approval and planning process when a new business applied for approval to do business downtown. Paying for parking is hindsight management.
Barry Snyder
Independence Township