Letters to the Editor

A call to make views known on city project

Dear Editor,
I am writing to appeal to the residents of the City of Clarkston to speak out to the Clarkston City Council about the proposed Department of Public Works (DPW) addition to city hall.
The planned addition is too large, too expensive, and not needed. While the project is still out for bids so no one knows exactly what the proposed addition will cost, the architect and facilities committee have been quoting numbers adding up to around $442,000, including financing.
This is almost as much money as the city collects in property taxes in a year from the residents and businesses! We are too small of a community for this kind of expense.
I am not advocating that we dissolve the city, as some have suggested.
I am advocating the city pursue all options, which may range from a much smaller addition, to allowing the current DPW director to outsource large portions of the services.
The city council scheduled a special meeting for Monday, May 16, at 7 p.m. at City Hall, 375 Depot Street, Clarkston., to look at bids for the construction.
City residents need to let the city council know we do not want any bids accepted.
One official recently stated only about 10 residents were opposed to the addition. I hope we can demonstrate many more residents have questions or are opposed to this very expensive and unnecessary project.
Thank you,
Sue Wylie

Thanks for help with township volunteer recognition

Dear Editor,
On Friday, April 22, Independence Township Senior Community Center held its annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon in our new addition, “Bartsch Hall,” where over 100 volunteers and guests attended. Thanks to all of our staff and volunteers for all of the hard work, Mary Przybycien and volunteers Ron Frank, Christie Kay, Beverly Krol, Rosie Landry, John and Peggy Schorsch, Pam Spencer, Rosemary Tanner and Sue Wagner. Also, thanks to all of our staff members for working together with our volunteers to provide more programs and services for our community. We appreciate our over 150 volunteers for all they do for our center.
Without the following businesses and sponsors we would not have such a successful event, Bright Side Dental, Home Instead Senior Care, Lewis E. Wint & Son Funeral Home, Inc., and SMART Transportation. Thanks to Bordines, Royal Diner and Susan Fryer from Susan’s Hallmark for raffle items.
Several local restaurants and businesses donated food for our luncheon. Our volunteers were very grateful for such a wonderful menu. It was a real treat to try out the different dishes from our area restaurants. Thank you to Brioni Café & Deli, Clarkston Big Boy, Clarkston Union/Woodshop, Deer Lake Racquet Club Back Court Restaurant, Gregg’s Gourmet Café, Independence Village of White Lake, Kruse’s Deer Lake Inn, Pete’s Oven Bakery, Pizzeria Dolce and Uncle Peter’s Pasties.
Special thanks for providing space for programs, First Congregational Church of Clarkston for Pickleball, McLaren Clarkston Physical Therapy for hosting our “Body Management Class” and Saint Daniel’s Catholic Church for our Tai Chi Class.
It was a wonderful event thanks to everyone listed above for their donations and hard work.
Barbara Rollin, Senior Division Supervisor, Mary Melega, Senior Center Programmer

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