Letters to the Editor

Workers appreciated

Dear Editor,
Hello, my name is Jack Storey, I am in eighth grade and I am a Boy Scout in Troop 377. I am working on a prerequisite for summer camp.
I am writing about the roads in Clarkston. As you already know, the roads were pretty bad during the winter and caused damage to many cars. I think the construction workers are doing a good job and making the roads smoother, with less potholes.
I think they are putting forth a good effort. I know that sometimes people get delayed because they shut down a lane or two, but it’s only a couple of days and things are back to normal.
I think that it would be good to let the people know how good of a job the construction workers are doing so they will continue to do the best job they can. I think it’s important to say “hi” and thank the construction workers for fixing our roads. Thanks,
Jack Storey
Independence Township

Thanks for DI help

Dear Editor,
Thank you to Jalapeno’s Restaurant of Clarkston, Jorge, Laura and Carolina for hosting a restaurant fundraising night on May 11. This fabulous fundraiser was to support our two Destination Imagination teams from Bailey Lake Elementary and Clarkton High School to attend the Destination Imagination (DI) Global Finals in Tennesee later this month.
Jalapeno’s graciously donated 20 percent of the proceeds to our DI teams. The food was delicious, as always, and the Jalapeno’s staff were so patient, friendly and accommodating to the large crowd.
On behalf of our Bailey Lake Elementary and Clarkston High School DI teams, the Clarkston Creativity Crew, thank you once again Jalapeno’s for your support and generosity.
Karin Hopkins

Trump stickers for all

Dear Editor,
I was delighted to see my “Stop Bigotry” sticker with Donald Trump’s profile was removed from my car, presumably by someone who shares my feelings about how dangerous The Donald is for this country, and who wanted the sticker for him/herself.
Still, that person could have saved all the trouble by typing “stop bigotry” into his/her browser to receive a sticker for FREE.
I guess the person, like me, deems the Trump message too important to wait for the mail. Bravo!
Bob McGowan
Independence Township

CAYA thanks for News

Dear Editor,
Thank you to The Clarkston News for an informative article that helped launch the April 2016 Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month. Clarkston Area Youth Assistance (CAYA), which sponsored this campaign in our community, is grateful for the huge response, interest and support.
Blue pinwheels – the symbols reminding us that childhood should be filled with hope, happiness, and kindness – were spinning and sparkling all over our community.
CAYA thanks our partners for planting Pinwheels for Prevention Gardens: The City of Clarkston; Clarkston Community Schools; The Clarkston News; Clarkston Retailers’ Group; Clarkston Independence District Library; Clarkston United Methodist Church; Charter Township of Independence; Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce; Clarkston Area Optimists; Bruce Mercado, D.D.S.; 52/2 District Court; Sellers Bowman Chevrolet; Artist’s Apprentice; and Fort Clarkston.
Clarkston Area Youth Assistance hopes that the pinwheel gardens start an ONGOING conversation throughout our community on how to reduce and prevent child abuse and neglect. Next year, look for our community to surpass the over 400 pinwheels that were planted this year.
Judy Parnes, Lauren Klos, Debbie Wertz, Pinwheel for Prevention Committee, Clarkston Area Youth Assistance

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