Letters to the Editor

Treat others right

Dear Editor,
As we wake this Sunday morning (Oct. 28) to another senseless mass killing of 11 fellow Americans in Pittsburgh, I am left thinking when as a country do we say enough? When as a country do we stop accepting this as a new norm? When do we stop pointing fingers and guns at one another? When do we stop listening to the conspiracy theories, the hateful rhetoric, the personal attacks on good people?
We are all Americans, we come from many different backgrounds,we believe in different gods, we speak different languages , we have different political affiliations but at the end of the day we all bleed red.
Today is the day we can all do something to stop the bloodshed.
Today is the day we can all go back to basic American values.
Help a stranger.
Help those less fortunate.
Stop blaming others.
Say something.
Take responsibility.
Until we can all come together as a country and as fellow Americans and respect our personal differences we can never be a nation as a whole.
Stop the division, stop the violence.
Go out today and treat each other with civility and respect, rid yourself of anger and self righteousness.
Remember those who gave their lives in the quest to create and protect the greatest nation on earth. Have civility with one another.
We have never needed to Make America Great Again. America has always been great. Share that greatness unconditionally.
Stop the bloodshed.
Bryan Mihelich
Independence Township

Candidates should answer questions

Dear Editor,
In my mind, candidates who do not respond to questions about pertinent and current issues do not understand the importance of a democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people.
Another critical ingredient in the quality of a candidate is his or her accessibility to the public. As elected officers, do they respond to citizens’ questions and needs, and treat them with dignity and caring?
Thank you.
Ann Glenn
Independence Township

Thanks for Forest

Dear Editor,
Thank you’s go out to the Independence Township Park’s, Recreation, & Seniors Department for a wonderful, “The Friendly Forest” event, held Saturday, Oct. 20.
The staff worked swiftly to make a popular “Washed Out Event” into a “Crowd Pleaser!” The much longer trail needed to be drastically shortened this year due to the dangerous weather that swiftly swept through the community five minutes before the event was about to begin!
I shudder to think what would have happened if all of the families were on the trail as the storm came through!! It was bad enough the characters were already in place! Luckily, the quick response of the staff was to move the cast members to shelter, in the Senior Center!
After a few adjustments, the event begain as planned, and nearly on time!!
Thank you for a fun and safe afternoon!!
Michelle M. Carson, advisor
Clarkston High School Optimist

Seminar help thanks

Dear Editor,
We would like to thank the following for their help in making our recent veterans’ benefits seminar a success:
American Legion Post #63, Clarkston, for hosting the event, Lauren Chamberlin of the Oakland County Veterans Administration and Duane Harris of Great Lakes National Cemetery for being presenters. Your help was truly appreciated.
Over 50 attendees learned about the valuable benefits available for their service to our country.
For those who were not able to attend and would like to receive a copy of the material provided at the seminar, please contact Wint Funeral Home at 248-625-5231 or email wintfuneralhome@ gmail.com for a free informational packet.
Andrew Wint
Wint Funeral Home

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