Lock doors to thwart thefts

Clarkston News Staff Writer

A reader went on Facebook in the early hours of July 26 and posted a warning to area residents.
“Hate that I have to write this…LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS!! Car burglar is back.. around cranberry lake road/ Holcomb road.. long story short, my car door passenger side doesn’t lock.. 3am I’m up out of a dead sleep hearing the alarm go off. Go out to check (lights were on in my car) passenger side door cracked. Whoever it was booked it, probably scared the crap out of them!”
No police report was filed after the incident, according to Oakland County Sheriff Deputies.
Sgt. Rich Cummins from the Independence Township substation said there are not certain areas in Clarkston and Independence Township where car thefts or cars being broken into is an issue.
“There were two stolen vehicles from the Township in June,” said Cummins. “Those cases have been turned over to our Auto Theft Unit and I cannot comment on them. The time of the year does not matter. We do not get very many stolen autos in Independence or Clarkston. I would imagine that is why having two or three seems like a lot.”
Cummins has a couple simple suggestions for those worried about their vehicles being stolen or burglarized.
“I would suggest that people keep their car doors locked and not leave their vehicles running while they run into the store or other buildings,” said Cummins. “This should help.”
So far this year, there has been seven reported auto thefts, Cummins said.
“Some vehicles are reported stolen, but then we find out it is a civil matter such as a repo or a spouse that takes the vehicle during a divorce or some could be insurance fraud,” he said. “All of the auto theft cases that we have are sent directly to our Auto Theft Unit for investigation. The substation does not investigate them. Many of the cases that are turned over to the Auto Theft Unit are still open, and we cannot comment on open investigations.”

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