Lonely Bouquets found around Clarkston

Nelson Krick of Loganville, Ga., with a Lonely Bouquet found in Depot Park. Photo provided

Clarkston Farm and Garden Club members brought flowers from their gardens and local markets to create more than 20 bouquets at their meeting in honor of the Lonely Bouquet celebration.
Lonely Bouquet was started over five years ago in England to create joy and caring by leaving bouquets around the community. The loosely organized event has traveled all over the world with bouquets left on park benches, retaining walls, and porches for strangers to find.
Pam Marin, a member of the Clarkston Garden Club, brought the idea to the Clarkston club after a visit in North Carolina, where she participated in a Lonely Bouquet creation day.
The Clarkston Garden Club has created bouquets and left them in and around the community for the last four years.
This year, a bouquet was placed on a bench in Depot Park and Kathy Rivers, a Clarkston community resident, and her 87-year-old father Nelson Krick, who was visiting from Loganville, Ga., were enjoying the park scenery. Rivers walked over to take a picture and found the bouquet, which she gave to her father. She said it reminded her of her grandmother’s flowers.
The goal of the Lonely Bouquet Day is to brighten the faces of the strangers who find the bouquets and share flowers with the community.
More information on the Lonely Bouquet is available on the web at lonelybouquet.com, “lonelybouquet” on Facebook, or “Clarkstongardenclub” on Facebook.
– Joette Kunse

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