Memo from the editor

Matt Mackinder

The past month has been one filled with change. Thankfully, however, those changes and challenges are becoming positives for the Clarkston News.
On April 1 of this year (no April Fool’s here), the View Newspaper Group purchased the News and its sister papers of Sherman Publications from the Sherman family.
Change is daunting, to be sure, and I’ve seen a lot of change in our community in the three short years I’ve been with the CNews. Some of it is good. Some of it not so much. But, I can say with complete confidence the one thing that has not changed is that the CNews has reported on those changes and will continue to do so. I have always believed strongly in community newspapers as much as I believe strongly in the Clarkston News and this community.
Honestly, I was more than a little anxious about the changes that have happened with our local, family-owned business, but after the first couple of months, I can say without a doubt I am excited about what I have seen and what’s ahead for your community newspaper.
I am also excited about the new direction, technology upgrades and talk of a bright future the View Newspaper Group has brought to us. More than that, I am pumped about the View’s promise of involvement in the community and its commitment to give back to our community.
In looking at the paper itself, I love the new look. A very professional design, if I do say so myself.
As well, our new model of delivering the CNews free to the majority of the community not only helps residents be better informed of local news, events and people, it has the ability to be a huge benefit to our business partners — big and small.
Surveys and polls from across the nation continue to show that newspapers are one of the most trustworthy mediums to deliver news and advertising.
Just take a look at all the local businesses advertising in today’s edition of your Clarkston News. They definitely understand marketing in your community newspaper is an investment in their business and by doing so, can take their business to new heights.
To all our readers and business partners, I thank you for your support. It is through your continued support the CNews can continue its longstanding mission of informing, entertaining and educating.
Readers, if you wish to make an investment in your community and be a patron of community journalism, please see how you can on Page 21 in this week’s print edition.
— Matt Mackinder

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