Memo from the publisher


About a month ago, we announced that the paper you are reading now was joining View Newspaper Group.
No doubt some of you wondered what type of changes would come with that acquisition.
Today, you are seeing two of those changes. One, being the updated look of the paper; and two, the way that this paper makes its way into the hands of community members.
While the Clarkston News previously followed a traditional subscriber model, today launches a new model in which the full newspaper goes into the mailbox of all community members each week.
Our team at View Newspaper Group believes so strongly in the importance and power of community newspapers that we’ve made the investment to increase circulation of this newspaper to all who wish to read it, regardless of one’s ability to financially support our mission.
For those who can support us, thank you. Most importantly, we’d like to offer a special thank you to our legacy subscribers who have helped this team keep community journalism alive and well in Northern Oakland County.
To those reading who have not previously subscribed, we invite you to make an investment in your community and join us as a patron at whatever financial level you are able. (See details on Page 13 in this week’s print edition).
Change can be intimidating, but we hope that you’ll join us in seeing change as a positive. We’re excited for the opportunity to share this award-winning newspaper with the entire community.
Studies prove that the safest, most informed, happiest and healthiest communities are those with a strong, local newspaper.
As a locally-owned newspaper company based in Lapeer with more than 250,000 copies in print each week, we have seen first-hand the power of increasing a newspaper’s footprint in a community. We know that making that change in this community is the right move.
Our team is honored to serve as a watchdog, a source of entertainment, a community partner and so much more. We are proud to deliver the marketing messages of local businesses to our readers, keeping the local economy strong.
Thank you for your support — both through the investment of your time and financially. Thank you for allowing us into your home. We are happy to be your community connection.
— Wes Smith,

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