New polling place OK’d

Independence Township voters in Precinct 12 are getting a new polling location in Bay Court Park.
Township Clerk Barb Pallotta said all Waterford School District voters from precincts 5, 8 and 9 were consolidated into Precinct 12 in November 2013. Since that time, Precinct 12 was moved from Clarkston Independence District Library to the Clarkston Community Schools Administration Building, then to the Senior Activity Center.
“The most common complaint received by the clerk’s office from Precinct 12 voters is related to the distance traveled to their polling location,” Pallotta said.
The new site will be located at the Lakeview Room in Bay Court Park, which the township board approved on a 6-0 vote, Aug. 23.
To get the room up to state accessibility requirements, the township has received an informal quote of $30,000 for paving a small portion of the parking lot, with engineering costs amounting to almost $3,000. To comply with the township’s Procurement Policy, a Request for Proposal (RFP) for competitive sealed bidding was posted on the township’s website.
“Although the proposed improvements to the parking lot and Lakeview Room are costly, the improvements will also serve to be beneficial long term when considering the ongoing restoration of the Brady Lodge and other improvements recently made and planned at Bay Court Park,” Pallotta said.
Entrance doors will also need to be replaced, costing $4,367.
“After reviewing with the supervisor we feel the General CIP Fund can absorb this purchase without a Budget Amendment due to unspent dollars in the 2016 CIP budget,” Pallotta added.

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