PHIL IN THE BLANK: Hamlet-ing it up

This month went fast. I’ve been busy with the Clarkston Village Players, preparing for opening night of Hamlet II next Friday.
We’ve had our share of challenges, including springtime maladies having their way with the cast over the past few weeks.
We have a new Ophelia. The original actress fell ill and unfortunately had to drop out, but a brave volunteer stepped up to fill the role.
During one rehearsal, we got to a scene during a play-within-a-play where Ophelia also gets to step up to replace an actress.
“I know the part,” she says.
“How could you,” Hamlet responds. “You haven’t even read it.”
I thought that was pretty funny.
It’s been cool watching everything come into focus. The leads have been learning their pages and pages of lines.
Blocking, costumes, lights, etc. all look almost ready to go. Props have been fun. Hamlet II is a bit on the minimalist side. My character Francisco is a soldier, so the idea for him is to just wear army fatigues. I asked what era they had in mind, and was told U.S. Army from the 1980s, which they have on hand from last year’s production of A Few Good Men.
So I’ll be wearing my own set of army BDUs from the ’80s, from when I was in the actual army.
I’ll also be using my own prop dagger/sword, which I also happen to own.
Sara Sanger came by last week with her camera to take publicity photos, like the ones she sends to me for the calendar page when shows come up. I was up on stage for this one, though.
I’ll bring my own camera to dress reheasals for more. My role is small,so I’ll have plenty of time for that.
I’ve been OK with stage fright lately, up there during the past few weeks of rehearsals. This week they started running the lights, though. When the lights came up on me at Monday’s runthrough, I found I’m not quite over that particular acting challenge. I should be OK by next week, though.
The play opens May 6, continuing on May 7, 13-15, and 19-21. Tickets are $13 for Thursday at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday, 2 p.m.; and $15 for Fridays and Saturdays, 8 p.m. –

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