Public Notice: Hearing of practicability and assessment and review of Clarkston Mill Ponds special assessment roll, Sept. 28, 2023

TAKE NOTICE that the Clarkston Mill Ponds Lake Improvement Board will hold a public hearing on the practicability of a three-year improvement project for Clarkston Mill Ponds consisting of goose control, State of Michigan permits, nuisance aquatic plant management (surveys and treatments), legal ads and contingency. The project would begin in 2024 and continue through 2026, with an annual cost of $5,720. Annual assessments for the three-year period per parcel will be as follows: Upper Mill Pond: $0 and Lower Mill Pond: $143.00. The hearing will be held at the City of the Village of Clarkston City Hall, 375 Depot Rd, Clarkston, Michigan on Thursday, September 28, 2023 at 6:30 p.m.
PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that a special assessment roll has been prepared and is on file at the offices of the City of the Village of Clarkston, 375 Depot Road, Clarkston, Michigan and Independence Township, 6483 Waldon Center Drive, Clarkston, Michigan for public examination during normal business hours. Said special assessment roll has been prepared for the purpose of assessing the cost of the improvement project to benefiting properties.
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the Clarkston Mill Ponds Lake Improvement Board will hold a hearing immediately following the aforementioned hearing of practicability for the purpose of reviewing said special assessment roll and for hearing any objections thereto. An owner of or party with interest in real property to be assessed or his/her agent may appear in person to object to the special assessment or may protest such special assessment by letter filed with the Lake Board at or prior to the time of the hearing. Written objections may be filed with or mailed to the Clarkston Mill Ponds Lake Improvement Board c/o Ms. Jacy Garrison, Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office, One Public Works Drive, Bldg 95W, Waterford, Michigan 48328-1907. Notice is also given that the owner of any real property within the Clarkston Mill Ponds Special Assessment District who, having made an objection to said special assessment either in person or in writing, may, within thirty (30) days after the confirmation of the special assessment roll, appeal such special assessment to the Michigan Tax Tribunal or other court of competent jurisdiction.
Clarkston Mill Ponds Lake Improvement Board
Oakland County, Michigan
Publish September 13, 2023

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