Reprieve from bitter cold forecast this week

Mike and Paula Rutter enjoy a stroll through downtown Clarkston.
Jodi Crandall of Clarkston ate outside with her family at Honcho Latin Street Food and Coffee Restaurant on Main Street, inside the igloo-shaped waming tents.

Clarkston News Staff Writer
With temperatures dipping to -11 with 14 mph winds, shoppers and diners still made their way downtown.
Jodi Crandall of Clarkston ate outside with her family at Honcho Latin Street Food and Coffee Restaurant on Main Street, thanks to the igloo-shaped waming tents in use there.
When asked about the new “igloos” at Honcho, the cozy family said they wanted to see firsthand what they were like. So, they decided to come out just to try it.
“I love it,” Crandall said.
Even though she was braving the Michigan chill, Crandall said she is passionate about pet safety, especially during the winter.
“I have a dog and just today I posted on Instagram ‘Bring your pets inside, and if you don’t, report it cause it’s cruel,’” she said.
“My cat and dog are in coats right now,” said Amanda Backes, Crandall’s niece. “It’s really cold out but you know what, it’s Michigan and you just make the best of it.”
Strolling in the village were Brandon Township residents Mike and Paula Rutter. Bustled in their thick comfy coats and wool scarves, they took a minute for a cool chat.
“I like the crunchy snow,” said Paula.
“I’m 100 percent with her,” Mike said smiling.
“We just moved in September, so we’re just checking out everything. We’ve already walked through Ortonville, and now we’re walking through Clarkston,” Paula explained.
Oxford residents Mike and Cristan Lund were in town shopping for garage doors and other items with sons Kameron and Mason.
“It feels pretty bitter,” said Cristan, talking by the outdoor firepit next to The Fed restaurant on Main Street.
The warming tents have been in front of Honcho since Dec. 8. There’s a trick to keeping cozy inside these dome-shaped, heated, bubbles, Baker said.
“We just use a small space heater and as long as they don’t stay open too long, then we’re good,” she said. “On days that it’s pretty sunny, I would say it gets up to 65 in there. The temperature varies, like today it’s a little colder in there.”
The manager said they don’t take reservations for the igloos, as they are available on a first come, first serve basis. They do usually have a wait time of 30 to 45 minutes during the afternoon. However, on Friday and Saturday nights, there is approximately a two hour wait.

Iigloo-shaped waming tents for customers at Honcho Latin Street Food and Coffee Restaurant.

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