Ribbon cutting for river bank restoration

Friends of Depot Park are hoping for nice weather next Friday for a ribbon cutting to celebrate completion of the stream bank restoration project.
The public is invited to the ribbon cutting at 11 a.m., April 26, at Depot Park, 375 Depot Road.
Funded by Pure Oakland Water, and completed in partnership with the City of Clarkston and Friends of Depot Park, the project restored 2,400 square feet of the west bank of the Mill Race that was severely eroded and covered in weeds. Aside from not being aesthetically appealing, erosion was sending sediments into the stream leading to degraded water quality and habitat.
To restore the stream bank, 1,500 native plants of 25 different varieties were placed to provide filtration of stormwater, serve as a wildlife habitat and a beautify the area with wildflowers throughout the growing season. The vegetation was selected based on the ability to control erosion and thrive in the environment with little effort. The condition of stream bank will continue to improve as seasons pass and the native plants mature in their new home.
For more information, visit www.crwc.org.

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