Road rage on Dixie

Back on Sept. 18, at approximately 5:11 p.m., Independence Township officers were called to the area of Dixie Highway and White Lake Road for a road rage incident and felonious assault.
The caller reported a woman, a 34-year-old from Wixom, had been pepper sprayed or sprayed with mace during the incident.
The victim reported a female driver of a teal colored crossover vehicle held up a baseball bat while driving in front of her.
When both vehicles stopped for a red light, both females got out of their vehicles and confronted one another.
The driver from the crossover sprayed the victim with what was thought to be pepper spray or mace.
The victim went back to her vehicle and was sprayed again through her open window.
She was later taken to McLaren Clarkston Hospital by the Independence Township Fire Department for treatment and was released.
The suspect, who left the scene, is identified as a 35-50 year-old white female with brown hair, standing approximately 5-foot-3 and weighing 160 pounds.

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