Rudy’s construction moving along

Rudy’s construction moving along

By Matt Mackinder
Clarkston News Editor

CLARKSTON — Take a drive down Main Street in downtown Clarkston and the construction has started on the former Rudy’s Market at 9 South Main.
Plans were announced in August for the former grocery store to be turned into a steakhouse. Next door at 5 South Main, the former Clarkston News building, a Mediterranean-themed restaurant, basement wine cellar, and second-floor bourbon and cigar bar are planned.
Clarkston City Manager Jonathan Smith said he has been getting inquiries about the construction.
“(Recently) I was asked the question, ‘We’ve been watching the construction at Rudy’s, were they given approval to extend the front of the building to the curb?’ The answer is no. The enclosure you see is temporary. The construction crew recently determined that the headers holding up the stone façade above the front windows had decayed to the point that only the old windows were holding up the façade, so reconstruction became necessary.
“The temporary enclosure will allow the stone masonry work to proceed despite freezing temperatures. In the meantime, pedestrians are asked to use extreme caution or crossover to the east side of Main Street.”
The restaurant is planned to open in June or July 2024.
“With our sights set on offering the most unique and enjoyable dining experiences in Clarkston, we’re excited to finally share that Rudy’s Market is evolving and expanding,” said Rudy’s Market co-owner Robert Esshaki at the Aug. 16 press conference. “The Clarkston culinary scene has been home to Rudy’s for 90 years and this evolution in our dining experiences will only continue to grow from here. It’s not just coming to the restaurant, eating, and leaving. You can come in, no two-hour wait times, and I know those are popular these days, but you can go downstairs, get your wine for the evening, and then after your meal, go back downstairs to extend your evening.
“The whole experience is something that we think is going to be unique for Oakland County and for the state of Michigan. We think this restaurant will be at an elite level and something that can compete with any restaurant in Detroit, Birmingham, Ann Arbor, Royal Oak, or Rochester.”
The investment is $3.5 million for the steakhouse. No other figures were made public as of the Aug. 16 press conference.

PHOTO: The Rudy’s building at 9 South Main, as of Nov. 9. Photo: Matt Mackinder

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