School savings up $1.6M

Clarkston News Staff Writer

Clarkston Community Schools received an Unmodified Opinion on its audited financial statements for 2016-2017.
This is the highest opinion an auditor can give, said Mary Beth Rogers, business office director, at the Oct. 23 Board of Education meeting.
“It’s an excellent audit, they spoke very highly of our business office and the lack of any significant issues at all, any issues at all,”said Treasurer Greg Need. “Frankly, I think Mary Beth and the business office should be commended for their efforts.”
“We’re sound financially and improving our fund balance,” said board President Elizabeth Egan.
The district’s General Fund balance increased by $1,601,319 to $8,813,551 by June 30, 2017, which is 10.18 percent of its 2017-2018 budgeted expenditures.
Their goal is a fund balance of 10-15 percent to avoid short-term borrowing during the year and act as a buffer, Rogers said.
Total revenue for the district is $102,779,214, up 3.3 percent from last year’s $99,449,250. Total expenses are $99,153,301, up 1.5 percent from $97,703,957 last year. The board approved the audit at the meeting.

One Response to "School savings up $1.6M"

  1. Michael Powell   November 2, 2017 at 8:08 am

    Not a word here about any cuts being made that led to the schools alleged “savings”. As a matter of fact the schools can thank taxpayers for hiding the schools 1.5M loss. After all, if it wasn’t for the 3.1M tax revenue increase that taxpayers dished out then the school district would have experienced a 1.5M loss. Basing “savings” on revenue increases that are not spent is a disingenuous way to claim a “savings”.

    Now if the schools had banked more then the 3.1M increase in tax revenue, then it could rightfully claim that a “savings” occurred.
    So let’s be honest…What really occurred was a 1.5M spending increase on a 3.1M tax revenue increase. Bragging about “saving” and not not spending the entire tax revenue increase isn’t something to “commend” anyone for! Especially when the facts show that taxpayers are responsible for ALL of the alleged “savings”!


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