Students built apps, controlled robots, solved puzzles, and learned the basics of painting on canvas at Everest Academy’s STREAM program.

Emily Smith selects the next color for her painting. Photo provided

The students in kindergarten through eighth grade participated in four age-appropriate programs in the Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics summer program.
The Blessed Pier Young Mountain Climbers Club for students in kindergarten through second grade offered art, gardening, and cooking while learning all about virtues and various Bible stories.
Students enjoyed learning about creation, Jonah, Noah, and St. Joseph, went on a creation walk, planted vegetables and herbs, and painted.
Students in third through eighth grade had three programs: St. Isidore of Seville Coding Club, St. Daniel Escape Room, and St. Catherine of Bologna Oil Painting program.
Everest Academy launched its co-curricular STREAM program in January 2018, as an expansion of the STEM movement in education.
“Many thanks to our teachers who taught each program and made the first STREAM summer program a success,” said Mary Williams, advancement administrator.

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