Tree removal

Clarkston City Council voted 7-0, Aug. 12, to approve contracting with Shiver Tree Service for $5,000 to remove three large Silver Maple trees and trim two Walnut trees on N. Holcomb Road.
The city Tree Committee found the trees dying or at risk of falling, said City Manager Jonathan Smith.
“The Silver Maples were recently assessed by a tree professional who verified there was significant internal rot and a high risk of failure,” Smith said.
The trees are scheduled to be removed this week, with stump grinding and tree replacement planting in the fall.
The contract includes $4,500 for tree removal and $500 for trimming. The city will remove logs greater than 11 inches in diameter and grind the stumps.
Bids were also received from Jeremy’s Lawn and Tree Service for $4,700 for tree removal only, not tree trimming; and Owens Tree Service for $9,000.

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  1. Cory Johnston   August 24, 2019 at 9:10 am

    Much like the work the city DPW is doing on the Village Hall, it apparently is done at no cost to anyone. If the city is removing logs and grinding stumps, doesn’t that cost the city something for the labor and equipment? Was that in the other bids but not in the one the city accepted? Did anyone ask? The City Manager is showing a credit to required work on the Village Hall expansion for work done by the city DPW, presumably done by city labor with city equipment, but it costs the city nothing? Why don’t we all just call the city and have them trim our trees, mow our lawns, remove snow from our sidewalks and driveways if it doesn’t cost anything to have the work done? Am I being sarcastic? Of course but at least I’m being honest unlike our city leaders. An election for four council members is coming up in November and the same people are running for office with no opposition. That tells you that things are not going to get any better or be any more financially transparent than they are today. Remember, these are the same people that want information hidden from themselves and the public and in court defending their right to not know.


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