Two newcomers, one returnee to city council

Two newcomers, one returnee to city council

Clarkston News Editor

After a close vote for the open Clarkston City Council seats had to be certified by Oakland County due to a large number of write-in votes, the three open seats officially went to Gary Casey, who has been on council since the summer of 2020, and newcomers Laura Rodgers and Bruce Fuller.
A total of 322 votes were cast between in-person and absentee ballots.
Casey picked up 188 votes, while Rodgers garnered 172 and Fuller earned 163.
Not gaining election were Steven McLean (156 votes), Paul Angelini (132), and Christopher Moore (110).
Casey, Rodgers, and Fuller were sworn in at the November 8 council meeting at Artemus M. Pappas Village Hall.
“Being on city council represented a way for me to give back to the community which has supported and encouraged me and my family for many years,” said Rodgers. “I truly love Clarkston. It is a good place, a great place with great family values and a strong entrepreneurial presence. We are merely the caretakers of this charming place we call home.
“Through civic engagement I feel that I have an opportunity to make an impact. I sought this position to bring the people of Clarkston together for positive results. City officials need to be representative of the people they were elected to serve, and the best way to accomplish this is to be connected to the residents of this town and be empathetic to their needs.”
Rodgers added that progress, infrastructure shifts, and change is inevitable in Clarkston.
“How we go about this is what will either make our grand city grander or change its course in history,” Rodgers said. “My hope is that with an open mind, and no hidden agenda, I can relate to the people of Clarkston, hear their concerns, frustrations and desires for the future of our town and in a positive manner, collectivity work together towards solutions.”
Rodgers’ history with government is mostly centered on her activity with the Michigan Association of Nurse Anesthetists (MANA), where she is currently the District II director for MANA in the final year of her second of two terms.
Fuller admitted that the last time he campaigned for a position of governance was Student Leadership in high school.
“Each of us likes to see things exist in a perfect state, but that is a difficult and elusive target to achieve,” Fuller said. “My recent experiences as a candidate tell me that we need to focus on educating our fellow residents. People want and need to be informed about the actions of city government. They want to know why decisions were made and how their tax dollars are being managed. I don’t intend to imply that our monies aren’t managed with a high degree of professionalism and foresight, because the evidence does not suggest that. The missing piece is keeping residents informed. This is council’s responsibility.
“Personally, I would like to see the improvements at the intersection of Clarkston Road and Main Street finally come to completion. I’m certain that my fellow residents have similar concerns that they would like addressed. I encourage residents to bring their concerns to council so that they may be heard.”
The next council meeting is scheduled for next Monday, November 22 at 7 p.m. from Village Hall.

PHOTO: From left, Laura Rodgers, Bruce Fuller, and Gary Casey are officially sworn in as members of Clarkston City Council during the November 8 regular meeting at Artemus M. Pappas Village Hall. Photo provided by Jonathan Smith

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