Upcoming walk for speed awareness

Upcoming walk for speed awareness

By Matt Mackinder
Clarkston News Editor

Last September, Margaret Tippen was killed in a pedestrian accident on Kier Road in Springfield Township by a driver going 43 mph on the dirt roads and who fell asleep.
Now, her family wants to see that nothing like that happens again.
An upcoming memorial walk is planned for Sept. 30 at 10 a.m., and will cover part of the daily walk Tippen used to take.
“The event we are planning is a memorial to her but also designed to be about pedestrian awareness,” said Erin Hoffman, Tippen’s daughter. “We are also wanting to bring attention to a bill that is currently going through the state legislature that will change the law that currently states any unposted gravel road in the state is a 55 mph speed limit to a law that allows local townships or cities to petition their county road commission to have set speed limits per the actual usage of the roads. For example, many of the dirt roads in Clarkston are used for recreation of walking and biking by local residents and should not be 55 mph.”
Hoffman said the Springfield Township Board and local officials are in support of the event.
“We have the support of the sheriff and local fire/EMT who will be there to properly close the roads during the event, and the Oakland County Road Commission also will be attending,” Hoffman said. “We are currently making efforts to reach out to local government officials as well to see if they are interested in attending. We have partnered closely and have been fully supported by Laura Moreau, the Springfield Township supervisor.
“We are trying to get as much publicity for the event as possible, both to help memorialize my mother but also for the very important issue of pedestrian safety in Clarkston, especially on the dirt roads.”
Event setup is at 10035 Springtime Circle, where the walk starts and ends, off Autumnglo Drive, just west of Bridge Lake Road. Follow signs for parking.
For more information, email Hoffman at erinhoffman24@gmail.com.

PHOTO: Margaret Tippen

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