Victory at tournament

Clarkston News Sports Writer
Clarkston kept opponents to two runs during a tournament in Alpena as the number one ranked team in the state topped three rivals on Saturday.
The Clarkston Girls Softball team opened the tournament with a 15-0 victory over Garden City before topping host Alpena, 10-0. Imlay City was the only team to score runs on the undefeated Wolves as Clarkston won the final game, 13-2.
During the 15-0 win over Garden City, the team finished the game in three innings and had a team average of .760 with 19 hits from 25 at bat. Sierra Kersten, Abbey Tolmie and Hannah Chadwell hit home runs. Olivia Warrington and Tolmie shared time on the mound.

Sophomore Abbey Tolmie rounds third base to run home during the first inning of the Wolves’ 18-2 win over Troy. Photo by Wendi Reardon Price

The Wolves defeated Alpena in five innings with a team average of .565 with 13 hits from 23 at bats. Warrington and Abbey Barta shared time on the mound.
During the third game, with a 13-2 win over Imlay City, the team average of .559 with 19 hits from 34 at bats. Chadwell hit a home run. Barta and Tolmie shared time on the mound.
Before heading north, the Wolves defeated two OAA Red league foes.
They opened their first double header game against Troy on Thursday with nine runs scored in the first two innings.
They made three more runs in the third inning when Hannah Cady hit the ball over the fence for a two-run homerun. Paige Blevins was next to bat and also hit a home run when her hit went over the fence as well for one run to close the inning, 12-0.
They closed the game in the fourth inning with a run from Hannah Chadwell after she hit a double and two runs from Abbey Tolmie after she hit a triple for a 15-0 win.
“We can play. We can hit. We can play defense,” said Don Peters, head coach.
The girls like playing softball and it shows, Peters said.
“They are having fun when they are playing. They enjoy each other.”
The Wolves opened the second game with a 15-0 lead in the first inning as many of the batters hit each time they were at the plate. Tolmie went 3-for-3 during the inning with a double and one RBI. Abbey Barta had one triple and two RBIs and Nyah Ansel hit two doubles and had two RBIs. Chadwell had one double and two RBIs.
Troy stepped up to bat and had only one player hit the ball as three were struck out by Tolmie on the mound pitching.
During the top of the second inning, Clarkston scored two runs off a home run by Blevins and scored one more run in the third inning from a hit by Tolmie.
Troy scored two runs at the bottom of the third inning to close the game, 18-2.
“Our girls played good,” Peters said. “Troy is rebuilding and it’s kind of tough because the coach is a good friend of mine. But our girls played classy.”
The Wolves opened the week with 13-2 and 13-3 wins over Stoney Creek, May 8.
“The girls played outstanding,” Peters said. “We just hit the tar out of the ball. Nyah had a grand slam, and we were bouncing them off the fence. The girls are locked in. They hit everything – it doesn’t matter if they are slow or fast. It was a nice day there.”
During the first game, Ansel hit a grand slam totaling five RBIs in the game. Cady and Kersten went 2-for-3 and Warrington, Chelsea Barnes, Barta, Blevins, and Cady all had RBIs.
Warrington and Tolmie shared time on the mound.
During the second game, the girl won in five innings. Cady went 3-for-3, Tolmie went 3-for-4 while Kersten went 2-for-2. Blevins and Skvarce went 2-for-3. Barta, Blevins, Cady, Kersten, Tolmie and Mackenzie Ming all had RBIs. Barta and Tolmie shared time on the mound.
With a 27-0 record, as on May 13, the girls head to Goodrich on Wednesday; Oxford on Thursday; and the University of Michigan tournament on Saturday.