Wendi’s Word: Christmas ready?

Sometime in October, posts on my social media account began popping up about how many Fridays were left until Christmas.
I can see the posts being helpful. But to me they are rough reminders about how little time is left until not only the holiday but the boys’ birthdays. It’s the double whammy which gets you.
Huge kudos to Santa Claus. I only have two kids to shop for and I tried shopping at least once a week the past month. Honestly the “shopping” was just a stare down between the toys on the shelf and me. The toys won. They stayed on the shelf. I just felt “hmph.” Maybe I just wasn’t filled with the holiday spirit.
Or maybe I just need to be under pressure. Have a sense of urgency. I had less than an hour to pick a birthday present for my nephew and I did it. I picked a Fortnite Nerf Gun. Well, I picked one. Five-year-old Jonathan picked the one right next to it which we ended up getting. Maybe I do better leading others to conclusions.
The holidays are closing in. I have some idea what to get the boys. I already have the Christmas pajamas and some clothes. I have plenty of books.
It’s halfway through the month. So, it’s halfway through National Novel Writing Month. Well, there’s always next year or, I don’t know, actually just write every month.
To answer the question you didn’t ask, I have not written anything since November 1. Notes and scenes here and there but nothing in the document.
I did scrapbook though and made 12 pages for the California 2018 family album. There are two pages I might redo. I may have had too much caffeine in my system when I created them. I may have gotten too crazy. They seem too busy.
But it was a fun day. I went to a 12-hour scrapbook crop I usually do in November and March. I continued my streak of winning a large stuffed animal and scrapbook paper in the raffles.
For this crop, it was a giant hedgehog, which Oliver took possession of since Jonathan took custody of the giant dinosaur I won in March. I really enter the stuffed animal raffles for the kids. I think they are good on stuffed animals now. But…
I also won Doodlebug paper and colored cardstock, which you can never have too much. Well, you can but it’s not hoarding if you use it.

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