Wendi’s Word: Kids, garage sales

I don’t really play a lot of video games so I wouldn’t deem myself a gamer – but I use video game terms.
Player Four has leveled up. Age of Player Four is holding at seven months old, still a young player in the game. But Oliver has added a new skill to level up – he is now crawling and crawling everywhere. He is pretty fast. JD was fast when he got into the flow once he started.
But this time around, it is different. JD had a 1,000 square- foot apartment on the third floor and with not a lot of open space. JD was blocked out of the kitchen – a lot.
Oliver has a two-level house and the main floor is pretty open. There are two entries to the kitchen, haven’t really attempted to block Oliver out. Plus, Oliver has incentives – toys his older brother is playing with, his older brother’s room and anything else a little brother might be interested in once he is on the move.
What else is little brother doing? He is standing, not on his own. Just grabbing a hold of something low and pulling himself up to stand against it. The favorite stand spots are a train table and Hot Wheels activity table – both passed down to us.
We have received other hand me downs – like clothes and I really am thankful. Clothes from my sister and friends just in the nick of time for JD.
I love garage sales and mom to mom sales. They are awesome – such great finds. I should tweak the last sentence a little – they are awesome and I found clothes and so many toys – when JD was an infant and just getting into the toddler stage.
Clothes are harder now. I have passed a lot of garage sales, and tables for that matter at mom to mom sales, because it’s a lot of girl. For garage sales, if I am looking for just JD or Oliver and I see a lot of pink – I just keep driving. My friend’s four-year-old daughter has plenty of clothes and I want to get my child something.
When I do find a sale with items for the boys, it’s like hitting the lottery. They have clothes and toys with characters JD is into right now.
I try to stop for myself but it’s hard to peek into a garage to see if they have books. I got lucky weeks ago at a sale I didn’t mean to stop at. Six scrapbook totes with scrapbook tools in them for an awesome deal. It was like a dream.
I have the bug – the bargain bug.

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