WHAT ‘MATT’ERS: Social media injustice

I’ll be blunt: social media is ruining our society.
It’s not a sign on a business, it’s not any public figure, and it’s not entitled adults.
Social media, more times than not, is a vile entity that lets anyone chime in on a topic, whether or not the topic affects them in any way. It creates an environment that even when two people disagree on a subject, instead of just agreeing to disagree, it is now an online keyboard fight between adults. Yes, adults.
As in, people who are supposed to be role models and examples for the next generation coming up.
But no, social media makes it so everyone is wrong and only one person can be right. There is no winning when you comment on a news story, be it a sports story, political story or even something about education or religion.
Social media has made it so people, or rather, misinformed “trolls,” can have a voice even when it is not welcome or asked for. Go on Facebook or Twitter and you’ll see what I mean. At least on Facebook, people mostly use their real name. On Twitter? Good luck.
This happens in every town across the world. And yes, even here in Clarkston. Hard to believe, but it happens, folks. Clarkston is not immune to negativity. Just look at The Clarkston News’ Facebook posts with story links about various items.
All that said, social media can have a positive side. Can. Not does.
As an example, I’ll use Facebook on occasion to post photos and videos of our family and what we’ve been up to. Nothing hostile, just bragging a bit and oozing with pride when our kids do something special at church, in the sports realm, or in the classroom. Maybe it’s a birthday post or anniversary post.
It’s just sad and unfortunate that relationships and friendships have been destroyed, jobs (and lives!) lost, and trust broken over social media posts. And is much of it even true? Or just trolls throwing allegations out there?
I get it – life isn’t always positive. Nothing is. But do us all a favor and try and find that sunshine in a society full of cynicism. It’s not easy, but the effort might help us all, you know?

— Matt Mackinder

One Response to "WHAT ‘MATT’ERS: Social media injustice"

  1. Cory Johnston   September 26, 2019 at 11:09 am

    I don’t disagree with the downside of social media but there are positives. It allows two way communications with many that would not happen otherwise. Much of that is meaningless and often mean, but doesn’t that say more about the people than the method?
    Being old, I can remember when the fax machine came out and information was relatively instantaneous compared to the good old U.S. Mail which was already faster than when delivered by horseback. Now with email, text, and the dreaded social media, everything is instantaneous and a response expected just as quickly. That’s not always a good thing as the written response, and a few days or weeks before it was received, gave you time to consider what you were saying as well as it being permanent. The rule now, which I should follow, is write it, wait a day, review, and if better judgement prevails, delete it.
    The problem is not the method, it is how it is being used and abused.


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