WHAT ‘MATT’ERS: Welcome, fall!

Welcome, September!
Well, goodbye to you, summer. We hardly knew ya.
Bring on the fall, I suppose. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
As a lifelong resident of Michigan, fall in our state is beautiful, even breathtaking at times. That’s a main reason Stephanie got married in the fall – for the colors. We also have family pictures taken outside in the fall when time permits. The colors are gorgeous!
In addition to that, in typical guy fashion, we also get the World Series, the start of hockey season, the start of football season, and above all that – the kids are back in school!
We’ve never been a real football family, but starting this year, we are – for halftime. Our oldest, Ethan, is a freshman in the Goodrich High School marching band. High school. Geez. When did that happen?
So we have Friday nights under the lights to look forward to. We can’t wait!
Wyatt and Madelyn are also playing fall soccer and Yours Truly is coaching. Another reason to love the fall. I’ve been coaching our kids for nine seasons now and it’s a rewarding experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. One day, we’ll have no practices and games to go to, but until that time comes, we’re enjoying the ride.
Fall also means more family time. And more time at the dinner table. We run around all summer, usually eating meals on the run going from one ball field to the next. Now, in time, we get to sit at the table and watch the seasons change. Eventually, the snow will be coming down, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, folks.
Still, we still have a sliver left of summer, so enjoy that to the fullest. Then again, this is Michigan, so we may get all four seasons this weekend. It’s happened before. And it’ll happen again. It’s a given. That’s why in our house, sandals and winter boots go on the same shoe rack.
In any event, even though summer may soon be a distant memory, there is still plenty to do and look forward to in the fall, indoors and outdoors. Whatever you do, enjoy and stay safe!

— Matt Mackinder

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