Letters to the Editor

Thanks to News for focus on youth projects

Dear Editor,
I would like to thank the Clarkston News staff for frequently printing stories regarding community involvement within the younger generations.
Each week, the Clarkston News has contributions from Gens Y and Z which promote helping each other, the community and the world at large.
I have enjoyed reading essays about the importance of reducing our use of plastic to protect our oceans, the creation of a website by a foster child to support other foster children (Children with a Chance – wixsite.com/childrenwithachance), and one very impassioned essay about bringing dogs in from the cold, just to highlight a few.
I have learned about different charities and items they need, like shoes for Clarkston SoleMates and backpacks for My Brother’s Keeper in Flint.
I also enjoyed reading about the Eagle Scout who refurbished bikes for the children at Cesar Chavez Academy in Detroit, middle schoolers who made stepping stones to raise money for charity and the four-year-old who organized a neighborhood cleanup. Amazing and inspiring!
I recently read that Clarkston student Aalayna Green has graduated and will be heading off to college this fall. Aalayna wrote an article last year about “Life as a Vegan in Clarkston” which included a recipe for vegan mac and cheese. I enjoyed the article and my family enjoyed the mac and cheese!
These next generations have the talent, compassion and desire to improve the world for all. As for the older generations, it certainly rekindles our enthusiasm to do the same.
Eileen Drenikowski

Mayor calls for community involvement in city

Dear Editor,
The City of the Village of Clarkston operates best when we get a wide range of community involvement.
Currently, there are several committee, boards, and commissions that currently have and will have openings in the future. If you would like to participate at these levels and wish to be considered for a position, contact Jonathan Smith at the City Hall or myself at 248-343-0557.
Also, each year the city holds elections where council members and the mayor are elected. This year, three city council seats are up for election. I welcome all who wish to participate.
Steven C. Percival
Clarkston Mayor

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