Tree bid OK’d

Clarkston City Council voted unanimously to award a bid to Ray Weigand’s Nursery of Macomb for tree planting, for $2,836.40.
The purchase includes 14 trees and shrubs, planting and staking, and warrantee.
According to ordinance 30.15, “the council must approve all purchases and sales,” but the trees were purchased and planted in August and September.
“We already bought these trees and we’re paying for them now,” Percival said.
Council member Sharron Catallo, Tree Committee member, said the committee has traditionally bought trees because of the difficulty of getting bids on plants.
“If you can figure out a different way to do this, you let me know,” Catallo said.
“The Charter dictates how to do this. We approve it, that’s it,” Percival said. “The city manager makes the purchases – Jonathan (Smith) is authorized to do this. The committee is not authorized to spend money period.”
Don Frayer, committee member, said getting bids will increase the cost.
“If you just generally say, buy three trees, you’re going to get something you’re not going to like,” Frayer said. “Buying trees is not like buying cement.”
City Council approved a budget amendment to cover the purchase on Oct. 9.
Later in the meeting, Catallo made a motion to exempt Weigand’s Nursery from the ordinance bidding requirements, but it wasn’t seconded and died without support.
“Thanks guys,” Catallo said
City Council approved $991.06, Oct. 23, to Road Commission for Oakland County for repair work, generators, and overtime when Main Street traffic lights went out during power outages, at Washington Street on Aug. 17 and 20; Clarkston Road on Aug. 14 and 17, and Waldon Road on Aug. 20
Council member Rick Detkowski said he will check on the expenses.
“It was their equipment that failed,” Detkowski said.
The money came out of the city major roads fund, said City Manager Jonathan Smith.
–Phil Custodio

2 Responses to "Tree bid OK’d"

  1. Michael Powell   November 2, 2017 at 9:11 am

    And the “back to the future” city council members wonder why they continue to be the laughingstock of the community? Each week we’re given examples of how completely clueless Clarkston city council is.

    As to Sharon Cattalo’s question… “If you can figure out a different way to do this, you let me know.” Here’s a novel idea…rather then approving money after it is spent, you do it legally, and approve it in a public meeting BEFORE it is spent so that taxpayers can voice their opinion! After all that IS what the city charter requires isn’t it?

    NEWS FLASH: All other communities take notice…”Getting bids will increase the costs” and when you do so “you’re going to get something you’re not going to like”.
    This is a poor attempt by a committee member to legitimize the cities no-bid purchase of these trees.

    Clarkston Comedy Central continues to amaze…

  2. Michael Powell   November 2, 2017 at 9:34 am

    P.S. Headline should read “Tree purchase OK’d”
    How can a city council “award a tree bid”, when a “bid” for those trees was never made? What they really happened was the approval of an unauthorized purchase that was made without a bid of any kind.


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