$278,615 more for 3-year police contract

Clarkston News Editor
Independence Township Board voted unanimously, Nov. 27, to renew its contract with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office for police services.
The new, three-year contract increases costs for police service by $278,615 overall. Annual costs in the 2019 contract year increase by 0.56 percent, $23,935, compared to 2018; by $126,600, 2.95 percent, in 2020 compared to 2019; and $128,080, 2.90 percent, in 2021 compared to 2020.
A fulltime deputy will also be added, increasing the contract by $125,951 in 2019; $129,527 in 2020; and $133,195 in 2021.
“They’re coming in at half a percent and less than three, so net cash position is good, which gives us the wherewithal to be able to add that extra deputy,” said Supervisor Pat Kittle at the meeting.
This is the first officer added in a couple years, Kittle said.
“We’re planning an officer on the afternoon shift to come in and handle citizen requests and file reports, which leaves us a little short handed,” he said.
The extra officer would be available to provide backup if needed, he said.
Kittle, Clerk Barbara Pallotta, Treasurer Paul Brown, and Trustee Ron Ritchie voted in favor. Trustees Jose Aliaga, Rachel Loughrin, and Andrea Schroeder were absent.
The previous contract, which expired on Dec. 31, 2018, was for two years.
The Township Board also approved a budget amendment to be posted after Jan. 1, 2019, to decrease the township Police Fund by $20,663.
The township budgeted a $170,549 increase for police in its 2019 budget. The $23,935 increase for 2019 and the $125,951 for the new officer equals $149,886.
“Even though funds are available in the approved 2019 budget for the Oakland County Sheriff services, they are overstated and should be amended down to the levels indicated within this agreement,” Kittle said in the budget report. “The total reduction will amount to $20,663 – $23,935 from above plus $125,951 for the new officer less $170,549 which is the increase we had built into the 2019 budget.”
Township voters approved 2.8678 mills for police services this past August. The millage is expected to collect $4,542,091 in the first of its five years.
The township’s police fund for 2019 includes $5,315,159 in revenue, and $5,128,438 in spending. Revenues also include payments from the school district for liaison officers.

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