Are you open for business? Let us know!

Are you open for business? Let us know!

What businesses are open in Clarkston?

It has been a tough two months for small businesses since the state was shut down after the COVID-19 ‘stay home, stay safe’ executive orders. Slowly, the Michigan governor is allowing some businesses to open.

Just opening, however, isn’t enough. You have to let people know you are up and running and ready for customers’ business. We want to be a part of our business community coming back stronger, sooner rather than later.

Write us a paragraph include your business name, how you’re open, hours, address and website, and email it to

We will start posting these as we get them from the business community to let folks know.

Visitors to our website,, can click on the button that reads, “We Are Open!” to read general business news as well as find out what businesses are open (only if they contact us!).

We are not charging for this.

We believe we can be a part of the solution to help small businesses like ours not just survive, but we want all of us to thrive.

— Matt Mackinder

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