Birders Club to talk bluebird nests

Featured speaker at the Jan. 31 meeting of the Clarkston-area Backyard Birders Club will be Mark Jones, a volunteer at the Oakland County Parks who has monitored bluebird nest boxes for over 30 years.
“From Mark we’ll learn some surprising things about the importance of bluebirds, and how to attract and protect them through proper feeding,” said club President Bob McGowan.
The public is invited to the informal gathering at 7 p.m. at the Gateway Lifestyle Shops, 7150 N Main Street. There are no charges or dues at the meetings, where stories of interesting sightings are shared and questions answered.
“We quickly built a solid and loyal membership in our very first year,” McGowan said. “We obviously have a lot of folks in the area who care about and enjoy watching and learning a bit about birds. We’ve had a succession of guest speakers who know their stuff and are entertaining as well. And, not least, we have the best venue imaginable—the atrium and park-like patio of the Gateway.”
First-timers are welcome, and free coffee and cookies are provided.

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